Saturday, October 29, 2011

good things

Some things I can't get enough of for Fall 2011.

1) Sam and Zoe's. Seriously, Nashville, I miss you so much, and my favorite coffee shop and artisan salad stop. I think I've almost figured out what all the acronyms for the S.A.W.F. salad are. So far I have strawberry, avocado, and walnuts. Is F for Feta?

2) Drinking any sort of hot beverage from my new mug that I bought at the GRADD festival for myself. It's the pretty green one in the top photo.

3) Crocheting. I have a new fox wrap that seems to be pretty well liked, I'm just hoping I can sell some during the cold weather!

4) Apple Chamomile tea from Twigings. It's seriously the most calming delish tea I've ever found.

5) The Windows phone answer to Instagram, Bubblegum. I wish it had more filters, but it is seriously fun to play with.

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